Mary O'Connor 

"For as long as I remember I have always been compelled by the need to create. It has been the most natural of instincts within me ,driven by an organic curiosity to explore and produce solutions to accurately portray my visions.
I enjoy a wide range of mediums and it is my intention to explore them all in my own distinctive way,"

A bit  about  me..

I was born in Galway Ireland. A small town situated on the "The Wild Atlantic Way". The nature here is ferocious, unshackled comforting and enchanting all in equal measures, experiencing it is truly awe inspiring. In essence my love of nature is deeply entrenched in the privilege I have had of been born and reared in such a magical place. 

On moving to Germany I worked for 15 years as head visual merchandiser in a leading flagship store in Frankfurt. It was here, while working meticulously with colour and textures, I acquired an acute attention to detail. This would lay the foundations of my existing art. The compelling urge to make lasting meaningful art  soon became a necessity for me. 

Inspired by the the raw beauty of nature, I spend a lot of time hiking in forests. I especially love the natural muffled smell of nature after it has rained . This is the time I can mostly observe the landscapes  textures and colors as they are unveiled, vibrant and deep. 

My present collage series are of enchanted forest environments. I capture moments of beauty and decay, I have encountered on my forest hikes, making each piece unique. I employ a layering of transparency to encourage the viewer to survey the piece more thoroughly, to view something that may not be obvious on first inspection. 
I fabricate my own collage material. I apply several painting and printing methods and allow for a gradual and incremental build up of organic imagery. I choose techniques which result in a wide range of textural effects. 
It has satisfied me greatly to up-cycle  waste paper to a workable resource in my art.

"Through collage I am able to create the subject of my art from the subject of my art enabling  me to breath life into each piece. I am saying stop and look closer to nature and all it’s wonders."